Sunday, April 11, 2010

because you asked for it... How to make the sparkly brads!

Here is what you need:
embossing tray
heat tool
white craft ink
glitter & clear EB powder
gold brads

holding the brads with the pliers dip it into the ink. While the ink is wet dip brad into glitter Eb powder. Heat with tool to melt.

While brad is still HOT dip & heat 2 more times into the glitter EB powder.

After the last heating of the glitter EB dip hot brad into the clear EB and heat. Do this 2 times.
TA-DA!!! You have sparkly, glittery brads now!!
I also make these with colored EB. When I do just colored EB you don't have to use the clear EB at the end. I only used it with the glitter EB because the glitter was a "bumpy" when done and I wanted it to be smooth!


Cindi said...

cool beans, thanks Chris!!! your brads are beautiful.

shuggy said...

very cool!

Karla said...

That is really cute I will have to try that.