Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"new" tray

Hello friends and welcome back again.
Today I have a before and after project. 
I found this tray in my shed when I was cleaning it out.

It was ugly and dirty but I had a plan for it.
I'm redoing my kitchen with the colors red & turquoise. 
Those are also the colors that I'm using on my outside garden accents.
SO I knew when I was done with it this tray would match in both places...ya me!!

SO I washed it up and gave it a few good coats of spray paint in a nice bright red color. Then I decoupaged some pretty papers to it that have red and turquoise colors in them. I brushed on a few coats of Mod Podge to help seal the papers, then I sprayed all of it with three really good coats of clear spray paint. I have found that a good quality clear spray paint it the best thing to use to seal my projects. I've been using it for years and haven't had a problem with it. 

Here is my finished tray:

I'm really happy with the way that it turned out. The colors are really bright and just what I wanted. I can't wait to find more "junk" to finish decorating my kitchen with. 

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hey friends..I'm so excited today!!!

Have you heard of PROXXON Tools??

If not well now you have!!!

They are super awesome tiny tools for crafters. I have the Thermocut and I used it for the first time today. OK....I'll start off with a quick warning..do NOT touch the hot wire...there is a reason it's called a hot wire cutter. With that being said if you know me...I touched the wire..yep...HOT.

OK anyhow This is what it looks like:

The tools are really light and the body is made of plastic. Could be super portable too. I could totally throw this in a big 31 bag to go to a crop or something. Just plug it in and let it heat up...again don't touch the wire. Then it's ready to cut. 

I decided to make a wind spinny thing out of a two liter soda bottle. 
I rinsed out my bottle and let it dry. 
Then I set my PROXXON Thermocut heat setting to 5
I cut off the bottom & top of the bottle.
Then I did a spiral cut on the rest of the bottle.
It was my very first time using it and my cuts are not 
straight at all but I'm happy with how it turned out.

I added a few beads to the bottom of it so it would hang like I wanted it to.

Hey do me a HUGE favor and go like PROXXON Tools on Facebook too. 

They have some simply awesome tools and I can't wait to get my hands on more of them!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

more garden art

Good morning friends!!
This morning I finally got around to making a skirt for my angel in the garden.
I use her as a hose guide so I don't run over my green beans when I'm watering.
She had these "hookey" things under her and I noticed yesterday that they all had holes in them.
Well BINGO!!!
I'm gonna hang some beads from them!!
Here she is all nekked just with her "hookey" things all out there.
How did I not notice the holes in them sooner??

Here she is with beads all hanging from her "hookeys". Not a great picture but hey it's really bring outside and I took this one really quick.

I'm still thinking about something for her to hold in her hand. She has that big ole hole in her chest with two wire holders coming out of it. I'm thinking I'll find some sot of a small gazing ball or something like that to attach to it. 

Notice all those weeds in my walk way?? I HATE them!! I know how to get rid of them now though...just need to collect 10 newspapers and a willing victim to help me!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gardening fun

Hello friends... thanks for stopping by again today.
So as some of you may already know...I have a thing for junk. I love to garage sale, dumpster dive, and search antique stores for treasures. Sometimes I never know what I'm going to do with something when I buy it. This project is one of those things. 

I bought 3 of these "lantern thingys" from someone online just over a year ago. I've placed them in different parts of my house. I Filled them with ornaments at Christmas time on the mantel. For the last few months two of them have just been tucked away on the back of a shelf. I just knew that they would find their home soon enough. This morning while I was weeding the garden I looked at my green bean ladder and thought it could use a little bit of color. 

 So a little bit of color it got!!

I took apart one of the lanterns and took the glass out.
 Then I put it back together and painted it a very pretty turquoise color. 
Once the paint dried I put the glass back in and placed it on the ladder.
The ladder was also an online buy from someone, only paid $5 for 2 of them!!
Now I'm just waiting for the green beans to get here. 
There are so many buds on the vines...I can't wait for the yummy beans!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Easy center piece with Bowdabra®

Hello my friends.
I want to share a quick project that I put together for some center pieces.
This project can also be found over at the Bowdabra® blog too. 

Here is a list of what you will need:

- Mini Bowdabra® tool
- Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool
- Bowdabra® Bow Wire
- twine ( I used 5 feet)
- a clean empty mason jar with lid
- candy or something to fill jar

Start off with about 18 inches of the Bowdabra® Bow Wire folded in half and tucked under the Mini Bowdabra®. Then take your ribbon, make a tail, and start looping the ribbon back and forth. I wanted 2 inch loops so I used the Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool to help me keep the loops the size I wanted. 

I have 5 loops on each side and my tail on the other side too. Grab the ends of the Bowdabra® Bow Wire and place the "tail" end through the "loop" end. pull them tight and you have your bow!

(cute doggie butt in the background...love him!)

Now fill your empty jar with candy or what ever really.

Attach the bow with the Bowdabra® Bow Wire tails and done!! A cute center piece that your guests can take home as a think you too!!

Please go and check out the great tools that Bowdabra® has. Also go and follow them on Facebook.

The Bowdabra® tools are so helpful in making bows. You always sem to need to have an extra hand...now you do!!!

Monday, June 27, 2016

WOW!!! This is my first post in many...many years!!
It really is amazing how time files and can get away from you. I went through a few rough years and finally am back to the point in my life that I  can be back to what helps make me happy...crafting. 
There are also a few new people in my life that make me happy...

That would be the amazing family I now have. I love these people more than words can explain!

Now on to my craftyness...ok that may not be a word but I like it!
Back in the day I was on a few design teams and I really did enjoy them. I had a friend nudge me into trying out for one again..I did...and I made the team!!

I am happy to announce that I am on the Bowdabra design team.

You can go here to read all about the other amazing ladies on this team. 

So...thanks for stopping by today and check back again, I have TONS of things to post and lots of great bows to make!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

just for you...

just for you card... $2.00 for one card and envelope or a set of 5 cards with envelopes for just $8.00 + $2.00 shipping. Will ship in one business day.

Don't forget to like Stinkydogdesigns on facebook too!! I'm getting ready to have a contest with a great prize. Details to follow soon....

Thanks for stopping by today.