Sunday, July 10, 2016

more garden art

Good morning friends!!
This morning I finally got around to making a skirt for my angel in the garden.
I use her as a hose guide so I don't run over my green beans when I'm watering.
She had these "hookey" things under her and I noticed yesterday that they all had holes in them.
Well BINGO!!!
I'm gonna hang some beads from them!!
Here she is all nekked just with her "hookey" things all out there.
How did I not notice the holes in them sooner??

Here she is with beads all hanging from her "hookeys". Not a great picture but hey it's really bring outside and I took this one really quick.

I'm still thinking about something for her to hold in her hand. She has that big ole hole in her chest with two wire holders coming out of it. I'm thinking I'll find some sot of a small gazing ball or something like that to attach to it. 

Notice all those weeds in my walk way?? I HATE them!! I know how to get rid of them now though...just need to collect 10 newspapers and a willing victim to help me!!

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