Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gardening fun

Hello friends... thanks for stopping by again today.
So as some of you may already know...I have a thing for junk. I love to garage sale, dumpster dive, and search antique stores for treasures. Sometimes I never know what I'm going to do with something when I buy it. This project is one of those things. 

I bought 3 of these "lantern thingys" from someone online just over a year ago. I've placed them in different parts of my house. I Filled them with ornaments at Christmas time on the mantel. For the last few months two of them have just been tucked away on the back of a shelf. I just knew that they would find their home soon enough. This morning while I was weeding the garden I looked at my green bean ladder and thought it could use a little bit of color. 

 So a little bit of color it got!!

I took apart one of the lanterns and took the glass out.
 Then I put it back together and painted it a very pretty turquoise color. 
Once the paint dried I put the glass back in and placed it on the ladder.
The ladder was also an online buy from someone, only paid $5 for 2 of them!!
Now I'm just waiting for the green beans to get here. 
There are so many buds on the vines...I can't wait for the yummy beans!!

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