Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bunny atc's...

I love this bunny stamp from Whipper Snappers stamps!! These are for my bunny atc swap that I'm in over at the Stamp-Shack.

What is an atc you ask?? Well ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. They always measure 2.5x3.5. Can be about any subject you like. Over at the shack we have swaps all the time for them. {I'm in or hosting a total of 53 right now!!} The swaps are really fun! Each one has a theme {like bunnies}. You make 9 atc's in that theme. Send in 8 of them to the hostess, keep 1 for you. When the hostess gets them from everyone in the swap then she swaps them out and mails them back.

It really is awesome to see every ones work!!

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shuggy said...

is this for your bunny swap?? hooray!! i get one!