Saturday, May 29, 2010

snugglebug boy hanging canvas

All items from Paper Patch Crafts. Paper is the snugglebug boy line. It is so much fun!!! I was having a hard time cutting it and covering it up!
I wanted to have a space to write down some things but not have it all out there just for everyone to read. After thinking about it for awhile I decided to make the pocket to hide the journal tag. Now I can write what I want and tuck it away.
Do you remember "shrinky dinks"??? WELL there is SHRINK PLASTIC with this line!! How fun is that!!! I colored the shrink plastic with markers on the rough side then cut it out. If you are gonna want to hang it punch the hole now or you will never get it in!! Then I heated with my heat gun. It curls all up and shrinks. You know it's done when it goes almost flat again. Then I just "smooshed" it with a ink pad.
I think it all turned out stinkin cute!! Now I just have to find some place to hang it up!!


Anonymous said...

wow this came out totally fabulous. i am always amazed at your talent

Shelley said...

This is really cute Chris!

Cindi said...

oh my heck!! this is soo cute!! great job and I love the journal tag idea

shuggy said...

that is so cute!!

Suzi said...

Awesome job Chris. You rock!!!