Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend get away and a stamp store too!

This past weekend I spent it away in Lake Webster, Indiana. It was a nice weekend with family from Chicago. The guys fished in the Terry Anderson Iron Man fishing tourney, while the ladies hung out at the beach with the kids.

While we were at breakfast on Friday morning I was looking at my place mat. It was one of those paper ones with all of the local ads on them. I was just reading it then I shouted " there's a stamp store!!" I was so excited!!! I almost could not eat my breakfast fast enough! LOL

We went and found the store and it was so cute!! There were modal cars and "guy" stuff on one side and TONS of stamps on the other side!! There was so much to chose from!! I picked up a few.

Here is one from Stampendous:

Loved the stamp when I saw it. I have not stamped in 4 days so I had to make a quick card as soon as I got home!!


PJ said...

haven't seen this stamp, so cute, love your card.

shuggy said...