Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"fan" mail...

I'm so excited you can't even understand how excited!!
Today, really this afternoon, I got FAN MAIL in my email!!!
ME, fan mail!!??!! Who would have thunk it!!
Now I only say "fan" mail because she said she was a fan of my work!
I have a fan!! LOL
{I know I'm a total DORK!}
I also let my fan know I was posting this so she could see just how big of a dork I am! LOL
She asked a question I have been asked before. A great question with a funny and long story.
For your reading enjoyment here is the story:
"How did you come up with the name 'StinkyDogDesigns'?"
I have 3 dogs: Fred, Doodle, Omlette. We have had Fred for 7 years I think now {wow my baby is 7} He is a mini weenie dog.
Yes I'm one of those weird dog people that call my dogs my babies. I am their mommy and my husband is their daddy... anyhow, back to the story...
Fred is Doodles dad, April is her mom, We have had Doodle 3 years now. She picked me so I had no choice but to keep her out of the litter of puppies! Doodle is 1/2 weenie dog and 1/2 Chihuahua. {a chili dog!}
Omlette is 1 and he is an Australian Shepard and he is the biggest pain in the butt ever!! He make Marley from the movie 'Marley and Me' look like a saint! Need I say more??!!
So I wanted to make cards and stuff to sell, cause I'm weird like that. I decided I needed a unique name not just a name like Chris's cards. After thinking about it for awhile I gave up and went to watch tv and play with the dogs. Fred doesn't play much, he would rather bark at everything. I was holding him and thought "crap you need a bath again!" Then it hit me: StinkyDogDesigns!!
Fred is by far the stinky-ist dog EVER!! He stinks! Baths only help for about a day. Then there is his breath! HOLY COW!! It really could knock a person out sometimes!!
Plus I think StinkyDogDesigns sounds much better than ButtSniffinDesigns.

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