Friday, October 15, 2010

Lots of uses for Glue Dots...

I pretty much use Glue Dots® every day. I also use them on all most every card I make lately. There really are 100's of uses for Glue Dots® . Here is just one way that I used them today!

You will need:
1 paper lunch sack
a way to cut circles {cricut, punch, scissors}
Glue Dots® mini dots

Cut 5 two inch circles from your lunch sack. I used the Cricut to cut mine. Use a mini dot in the center of each circle to stack them together. Start with the top circle and wrinkle it all up. DO this with all 5 {it will kinda look like a flower bud waiting to open}. Now start to open them up starting with the bottom one. When you get the flower how you want it to look attach it to your card with another mini dot.

After my flower was on my card I smooshed it a little more with my hand.
You could:
color your flower with some glimmer mist
add some glitter to it
stamp a design on the circles before you crinkle them
There are tons of options!!!
So get out your Glue Dots® and create some thing fun today!!
I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.


Bambi said...

Love this idea. Thank you.

CharityHand said...

I'm loving that lunch sack flower!