Monday, November 22, 2010

hedgehog love....

Well today's card has a story with it.

At Palooza a few weeks ago I finally discovered the "happy" hedgehog. This was totally new news to me!! I had not seen the "happy" fellow before!!

My friend Chelsea sells TAC stamps. When she went to the TAC convention he was the talk of the show! LOL {How could he NOT be!}

She even posted cards on her blog, that I read all the time and I some how missed this!Sometimes I think I live under a rock or something!

So here he is:

I always think of the Viagra comercial with "smiling Bob!"

It really is just bad petal placement, but OMG!!! Way to funny to pass up!!

We also realized that if you pair just about any saying with this stamp

you can make it sound dirty.

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