Friday, December 17, 2010

back to basics...

Do you remember when you first started stamping and making cards? I know for me that was a while ago. Now many, stamps later and more paper than one person needs I have a whole studio full of supplies. Yet I still buy more, it's a sickness I'm sure!!

Well talking with a friend the other day, a Non-stamper {yes, there are still a few} She said that there is so much stuff out there for stamping and making cards how does anyone know where to start. You know what she is right and made a good point! So after that I thought about it and told her I would make a cute basic card that just about anyone could make. It would not cost a ton of money or take a studio full of supplies.

Here is what you need:

- a card base. 8.5 x 5.5 folded in half

- 2 rubber stamps {I used a clear dollar stamp and a Unity stamp}

- black fine tip sharpie

- blue marker

What to do:

- stamp the just a note {Unity} in the bottom right corner

- stamp the bird on the string {clear dollar} in the top left corner

- color bird with marker

- with black fine tip sharpie doodle the lines that connect the 2 stamps

That's it! A cute simple card that does not take a lot of supplies to make.


Mrs. Fence said...

super cute, chris! I love getting back to basics every now and then.

CharityHand said...

I have that sickness too! Cute and simple card! Love it.