Friday, January 7, 2011

fun foam, fun!!

Start with your piece of fun foam. I used a black piece.
Ink your stamp with white pigment ink, get it nice and juicy with ink. Leave it face down on the ink.
Heat your fun foam with a heat gun this only takes about 30 seconds. {I didn't time it at all, just guessing}
While your foam is hot give your stamp a quick press in the ink and press it in the hot foam and hold it for about 15 seconds. Very carefully lift the stamp away. Ta-Da!!
Now head on over to Queen Kat Designs and buy some stamps!!


Godzoned said...

great idea....
fabulous card!

You may need to change "life" to "lift" though. ;) lol I do that too sometimes.

Chris said...

LOL thanks!! Now if spell check would only catch when you put the wrong word.