Friday, November 30, 2012

North Pole

You know all those fun and great things we all "pin" on Pinterest?? Well today I finally made something I pinned!! YAY!! Oh and I only burned myself 3 times with the glue gun! LOL

I bought the light at the Dollar Tree... you guessed it for a dollar. Then I cut a dowel rod for the sign to hang from. I had Trevor drill the hole in the light to attach the dowel rod. I saw all kinds of messed up happening if I drilled it. I did however drill the hole in the piece of wood that I attached the light to. I printed out the "North Pole" and just attached it with some ribbon. Then I covered the wood base with some batting. That's where the glue gun came in and I burned my finger...not once...not twice...yep 3 times!!

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