Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the woods...

So this is what I do when I can't sleep at 4am. I get up and make cards.

Yesterday I bought the Cindy Loo cart for the Cricut. LOVE IT!!! So stinkin cute!!!

I made this card this morning. The background is green not greyish-brown like it looks here. I added the dew drops {I think that is what they are called} to the corners. There is a piece of white satin ribbon with a piece of sheer/satin pink on top of if. I added two buttons to the bow. They are attached with a piece of hemp twine. TIP: This hemp twine is from the Dollar Tree and it is GREAT!!!

Also to get my two buttons to look "right" I did this: The bottom button, green, I turned upside down so the flat side of the top button, pink, and the flat side of the bottom button were together. This keeps them from sliding all around while you are tying them together. Then after all that I attached the bow with glue dots.

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