Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stupid fun!!

So I started my day off in a not so good mood.

That made me not want to do much of anything.

I didn't want to work on my card sets or start anything new.

I was just messing around on line. The out of the blue I decided what I wanted to do!

I decided to decoupage my garbage can!!!

Yep! That's right, my garbage can!!

Talk about stupid fun!!!

I just cleared off my side table, pulled out one of my drawers of patterned scrap paper, grabbed some Mod Podge and went to town!!

Oh and yes you read that right {ONE of my drawers of patterned scrap paper}

Right now I have 2 drawers STUFFED full of patterned scrap. I need to get another section of drawers so I can make some more room.

I know I have a problem with throwing paper away.

At least I'm using some of it now!!!
Here is one side of it.
and here is the other side!!


Pammejo said...

How cute is this, love the idea of covering your trash can. Gives it class. LOL

christie said...

Awesome job!!! Now I want to do one!

Suzi said...

Adorable!! Sorry I doubted you...

Dee in N.H. said...

Now how cool is that?! I need to do mine now! Lord knows I got plenty of paper to work with........That is really awesome!